Found a random jar filled with something in the fridge and nobody in the house knows what it is 🤢 Hey bud, you can’t stay New pen and ink sample day!


Ran a virtual 5K and came in second out of my (local) group (of two)! There’s a mama in there; the dad has been flying in and out with food Grilled veggies, tater tots, and burgers for dinner

COVID-19 Diary – week 11

Things that happened, things I think, things I ponder, and other things that maybe don’t fit into any of those categories. My brain hurts when I think about all the hypocrisy in the world. People that spout their beliefs and feelings, then live in total contradiction to those beliefs and Read more…

COVID-19 Diary – week 10

Stuff I thought about while withering away in mind-numbing isolation due to a pandemic the likes of which I never want to see again in my lifetime. Social media is the devil. All I see is responses to outrage and not the outrage itself. It’s a perpetual back-and-forth outrage machine. Read more…