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Tee Jay


Flowers are blooming My new mug I’ll share my bookshelves over the next few days just for fun: first bookshelf


Rewatching old seasons of RuPaul Brown sauce is quite tasty on “fish” She’s super playful tonight


Celebrating the daughter’s birthday Ordered takeout from Villa Bella (this chicken special was incredible) Her custom macarons from Chelen Confections turned out amazing


Day trip to Annapolis to celebrate the daughter’s birthday (tomorrow) Everything here is historic Waiting for the girls to finish looking at antiques


Cleaning out the car and I found a couple coffee plugs Mmm… chocolate cake or chocolate chip? Sometimes you just want to order Chipotle


Can’t tell from this pic, but the red hat reads “make red hats wearable again” Changed my Zoom background for meetings Get them while they’re hot


*cleansing breath* I’m crashing in an office at work in which the previous occupant hadn’t been for almost a year exactly The son made breakfast for dinner


Finished “Atomic Habits” A wee bit icy this morning Testing some new habit and time trackers


Luke, I am your father The little nutball is panting because she’s hot; she’s laying on the heating vent Vegetarian cheesy goulash anybody?