2023 Project 52 – 26/52

Halfway through the year. And what a year it’s been so far.

This week was a lot of catchup on homework for this class. I’m currently on the last week of the class before the final. Not feeling great about the class and honestly just hope I get a “C” out of it. I understand most of the concepts, but there’s so much work and I can’t seem to get anything higher than a B on the quizzes and tests. We’ll see.

The weather made a sharp turn this week into heat, rain, humidity, and then more heat. The wife is on her summer break, but got up early with me to take a sunrise walk along the Potomac with the dogs.

The son had his birthday this week. He’s across the country from us and I miss him. I love seeing him do well, but sure do miss him.

*thanks to the wife for “sharing” a few of her photos…