Project 365/52

This is a placeholder for all my previous Project 365s and Project 52s. I’ve hosted them in various places … so this is where you can find them all (hopefully).

I wrote a post about my process at the beginning of 2020, if you want to find out more about the Project 365. In 2022 I switched to a weekly post to give myself more freedom and creativity and thus my Project 52s started.

  • 2015 Project 365 – This was my first year doing the challenge.
  • 4 in 44 – This was my second challenge, but didn’t follow the calendar year. I needed a break, but then sort of missed the photos. So I started a 4in44 challenge to post 4 photos every day of my 44th year on the planet.
  • 2018 Project 365 – I took another break after my “4in44” and then aligned with the calendar year again. I didn’t want to just post one photo, but four was tough sometimes. I settled on three photos every day.
  • 2019 Project 365 – The 2018 Project really solidified the habit of taking and posting photos … so I just kept it up. The only real change was moving from hosting on Tumblr to hosting on
  • 2020 Project 365 – I might actually be getting the hang of this.
  • 2021 Project 365 – Here we go again!
  • 2022 Project 52 – Mixing it up a bit.
  • 2023 Project 52 – This year … so far.