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Had to evacuate the hotel because fire alarms were blaring And also snow Farewell 2021


We’ve evacuated. All humans and animals are safe and sound. The house was lost. 2021 sucks.


Watched the premier of Book of Boba Fett Visited Georgetown and Idaho Springs Niece says “WHAAAATTT?!”


Somebody out flying kites Super Smash Brothers tournament Her head is a full 180 degrees away from her body


I had forgotten what a joy Christmas with little ones is Learned Mahjong The pups know the roast is being carved


Cherry chocolate chew bars The whole family engaged in puzzles or cookie decorating Christmas Eve dinner in Golden


The niece loves walking the dog Christmas lights tour My favorite is the one with the cousin Eddie


Day trip to Estes Park Coffee and window shopping for pens and notebooks Elk brat with chili and handcut fries


Pitstop in Florence KS to see the wife’s family’s roots Florence Opera house Colorado lighting it up for our arrival


My Goodreads summary of the year The mum sent me a gift I pulled a B+ out of my crap class and couldn’t be happier


Finished “The Monk of Mokha” Why does it seem that no matter which way you look, you’re looking into the winter sun? Advertising their Etsy bumper sticker store


Should the construction equipment be smoking? (Note: traffic was stopped when I took this) Maximillian von Fluffypants Lights waaaay up in the trees


The wife made split pea soup and fresh bread I tried ONE DROP of The Last Dab with Apollo peppers (schoville rating pending) It was HOT!


Another round of tacky lights Dinner at Buca Di Beppo with this gorgeous lady… … and these two knuckleheads


My Duolingo stats for the year My YouTube music stats for the year My Hello Fresh meal for the night