One little run to get coffee and donuts and we hit a traffic jam Somebody in the neighborhood across the street is planting banana trees This dog is addicted to ball ball


Quick run to Stomping Grounds with the wife for breakfast The wife’s sunflower plant has 8 blossoms right now and more on the way A coworker shared a Rodney Dangerfield video in response to a chat comment; I don’t get no respect


One of the many reasons I love my wife is that she has the same sense of humor I do; this sign is now in our bathroom AC got repaired last night, time to celebrate Be vewy vewy quiet, she’s hunting spider cwickets


Minutes and seconds of each time on hold when I attempted to call my home warranty company; yes, almost 2.5 hours of my life today Still on hold on the third attempt as I post this, but the wife got through pretending to be a realtor Now she’s on hold Read more…


Finished “Meditations” by Marcus Aurelius Home Warranty customer service line was disconnected; that’s disconcerting Thank goodness for a neighbor that loaned us a portable AC unit


Not sure I want to know what they’re so interested in on the other side of the tree This little spider tried laying a trap for me in the middle of the sidewalk When the AC is still out (part should be in tomorrow), the wife makes a lovely no-cook Read more…