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Things I see from my chair include the Macy’s Thanksgiving day parade The cozy fire And pumpkin pie; happy Thanksgiving!


Finished “Where the Deer and the Antelope Play” Morning coffee in the new mug and journaling with the new pen Literally “that is snow from yesterday”


Migrating Canada geese Stuck behind these two packing each other for miles Tried the Butterbeer from Harry Potter world in NYC with dinner


Izzy is two years old! Rubi desperately wants you to throw the ball-ball Turkey vultures are waiting for roadkill


Train from Moynihan Hall in NYC To Union Station in DC Testing and loving my new fountain pen


Trip to Brooklyn for bookstores and Yoseka stationery 25th Anniversary dinner at Le Rivage Amazing performance of Hadestown


Last HOA annual meeting as a board member The daughter made a Hello Fresh meal Loving the camera on this Pixel 6


My dad doing a Zoom call with the wife’s 4th grade class to read “America’s White Table” and to talk about being a veteran My dad meeting me for the first time after being released from the Hanoi Hilton My…


My many faces during the midterm for my database class. What a clusterfuck. I was able to get mine done, but others in the class couldn’t even access it. The security measures to ensure you didn’t cheat were over the…


Attended my first conference in a couple years Somebody wants me to throw ball-ball Cramming for my two hour midterm tomorrow


Morning walk through Occoquan Regional Park And breakfast in the historic town First fire of the season


Happy Fountain Pen Day! I don’t have enough pens to fill the pen box the wife gave me. The sky looked better than this in person The wife’s iPhone pro does a good job in low light from far away;…


Watched a plane fly by while sitting at a red light Watched the back of a van because I couldn’t see the red light Watched the final Brooklyn 99


Contractor finally finished a laundry list of touchups, fixes, and painting around our house Last week we put an offer on a townhouse in a historic little town we love; great location, lovely view. But the home inspection came back…