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Scene from the afternoon walk The wife’s sunshade folds up like an umbrella Vegan (if you leave off the cheese) fish tacos for dinner


The pups got a haircut Great top down kind of weather Inspired by friends to try a new cocktail from time to time; this is a Bramble


Rubi’s hair is too long to ride with the top down Received mail from The Lawn Company… … they need to know their audience (my freshly mulched front yard)


Surprised with Good Co. Donuts when I got home from work Supported an Asian owned business, High Side My can of whoop ass was delivered


The wife let me drive her car to work Rupaul “Supermodel” was the first song on the radio The son made brownies from scratch


Tulips Bangers and Mash with minted peas for dinner I was under the impression you couldn’t punch somebody on St. Patrick’s Day if they had a Guinness


Izzy says “hi” These paper towels have the old Windows logo in their pattern Last bookshelf; read nine of these


Tenth bookshelf; read eight of these This patch of grass has so many ant hills Might have to pick up this flavor