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Didn’t see any of the Orionid meteors this morning The girls checking their pee-mail They almost look too good to eat, almost


My new favorite mug was a present from the nieces and nephew Starting my next class and already feeling overwhelmed; WAY too much work for one week Watched this guy win again


Worked from home today and dealt with snoring coworkers Playing around while waiting for Zoom meetings to start Rebooting several times after updates to get the system working again


Everytime I pick her up, she sits up like this so I can rub her belly Walked around the neighborhood to look at Halloween decorations The wife made Italian sausage soup with homemade French bread for dinner


Finished “People, Power, and Profits” Lunch with the gorgeous wife (and kids, not pictured)… … at the Cock & Bowl in Occoquan


Mislabeled grapefruit If you can’t tell, I love these little pups an awful lot; I lost a picture almost daily of at least one of them. #sorrynotsorry


Morning run in the fog I now have one favorite mug I made my world famous, just invented, vegan fried chicken salad with homemade spicy ranch


She’s living her best life The son made pumpkin spice cookies Managed to squeak out a midday walk


Followed this pup for a while and he was trying to play it cool She stood like this for a while Mr. Softee is in the neighborhood


1234 deleted messages Izzy sleeping with a cat toy When you don’t feel like cooking, you zap-fry some tamales


Turned in the final assignments and research paper for the first class this semester The wife turned these… … Into these


This cutie has no idea she’s going to the vet for her annual shots This little girl is wondering why a person in scrubs took her big sister Will Sam Obisanya stay with Richmond FC or leave? No spoilers from…


Gorgeous evening sky Funky fungus Crazy bumper sticker (cooking with a microwave? It’s a surefire recipe for death!)


Warshed the dishes Bakeded some cookies The daughter will be selling these adorable prints/notecards; details soon


Worked from home and my coworkers napped the day away This soup is REALLY thick, too thick actually Watching The Circle on Netflix; trash reality competition at its finest


Firetrucks can be intimidating when they’re inches away from your car The wife spruced the place for fall When it’s cold outside, you need the patented puppy blanket to keep you warm


Just a day of work and grocery shopping, so I ended the day watching Matt win Jeopardy Sam go to a museum Paul eat a brandy snap


My adventure with the wife’s car today included watching planes with the top down Waiting line for gas with the rest of Northern Virginia Waiting at almost all the red lights while flipping back and forth between “80s on 8”…


Giant green caterpillar on our door frame Giant green apple we picked last weekend Rubi scaling the cat tree to get her ball


Happy National Son’s day to this creative, goofy, handsome, caring human I’m lucky enough to have as a son Izzy got a haircut, well all of them, and now she looks like the Lorax Well placed packages, Amazon