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Radio station playing my jams Car needed exactly 11 gallons of gas The face I make when the company has lifted mask and social distancing rules and I work in the building that had the most cases in the past…


Hard to tell, but the tree is covered with cicada shells Grilled Beyond burgers Somebody is in for a surprise when they sit down


Finished “The Body” by Bill Bryson This girl got into something and caused us to detour our drive and cost us at the vet But at least we get to spend time with the nieces and nephew


Spent a couple hours nourishing our souls by visiting Yoda, The bison in Golden Gate Park, and Ghirardelli for a hot fudge sundae


Morning hike through Muir Woods Afternoon walk through San Anselmo Evening dessert at Double Rainbow


Sometimes you gotta stop and smell the bushes Rubi is too comfortable to move Afternoon coffee break