This year, instead of a Project 365 in which I post a photo or photos every single day, I’m going to do a larger post or gallery every week. Some days I just don’t do anything and then I end up posting garbage photos. I want to try to focus on the important (to me) things that happen and that’s what my posts will be about.

I’m going to try to use WordPress’ story posts, which are like Instagram Stories. Some posts will be galleries instead (like this) if I have a lot of text I want to add.

In the past I’ve posted to this blog AND posted to Instagram/Facebook. I’m going to try to rely less on those outlets and just post here … but maybe with a link to the post on Facebook. The next few weeks will likely be me trying things out to see what feels right to me. I would love any feedback you might have.

I would also love if you subscribe to the blog and get these updates in your inbox. That way I don’t have to rely on Zuckerberg’s platforms.

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