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My dad doing a Zoom call with the wife’s 4th grade class to read “America’s White Table” and to talk about being a veteran My dad meeting me for the first time after being released from the Hanoi Hilton My…


My many faces during the midterm for my database class. What a clusterfuck. I was able to get mine done, but others in the class couldn’t even access it. The security measures to ensure you didn’t cheat were over the…


Attended my first conference in a couple years Somebody wants me to throw ball-ball Cramming for my two hour midterm tomorrow


Morning walk through Occoquan Regional Park And breakfast in the historic town First fire of the season


Happy Fountain Pen Day! I don’t have enough pens to fill the pen box the wife gave me. The sky looked better than this in person The wife’s iPhone pro does a good job in low light from far away;…


Watched a plane fly by while sitting at a red light Watched the back of a van because I couldn’t see the red light Watched the final Brooklyn 99


Contractor finally finished a laundry list of touchups, fixes, and painting around our house Last week we put an offer on a townhouse in a historic little town we love; great location, lovely view. But the home inspection came back…


Rainy day Which figures, because the wife let me drive her convertible today The die is cast; will the cheating Democrat win or the lying Republican?


Morning Philz run Rubi likes it when the top is down The cowardly Izzy is ready to give out candy


Finished “Courage is Calling” by Ryan Holiday Working at the dog wash, yeah The wife made her famous chili and I made my famous corn cake


This fricking class has two quizzes, two papers, an ongoing project, discussions boards, and all the reading and videos every week; way too much Funky motorcycle New kitchen faucet installed


The stare down Picked up paint for the handyman this weekend I was hoping for 95.21465% in my Operating Systems class, but that works


Stayed home with a sinus headache today; after sleeping it off I worked on homework Watched a bit of Dune again Played Stadia


Example of the types of photos my kids send The new dog food didn’t mix as well as I expected with the old food Love being in a key state during an election. Were you aware that no matter who…