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Finished “Trixie and Katya’s Guide to Modern Womanhood” Afternoon walk before the rain started Noodles and Co because we didn’t want to cook


Honoring and remembering my mother-in-law, whom we lost last night. She was a strong (stubborn), talented, funny woman who instilled a sense of family, love, and strength in both her kids. I miss you Maw.


My easy to open vitamin container was not Came downstairs to see this furball on the arm of my chair Turns out it was a whole fur monster


I opened almost every cabinet putting the dishes away this morning Cicada hitchhiker Took the pups for a drive


Honoring and thanking all those who never made it home or who lost a loved one so that we could have our freedoms Thankful I never had to go through that loss Proud of the military heritage and service in…


Setting up a new notebook for a new month Izzy thinks she’s getting a treat Important German phrase to know around my wife


Kind of a cold, rainy day My haul from the used bookstore The wife made air fried chicken nuggets, vegan Mac and cheese, and broccoli


Rubi likes to cool her belly on the hardwood floor Picking up food and meds for the pups The wife made potato pancakes


Updated my states visited map Testing a fountain pen for doodling Making vegan ranch dressing


Finally got rain to wash away some of the pollen Finished “How to Stop Time” Notebook order arrived