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The cleaners misplaced our other dishwasher magnet, so now we have a fancy slider one Tonight’s Hello Fresh was baked rigatoni with plant based protein; delish I’m trapped and can’t move


The girls have cornered Max in the closet Made cornmeal pancakes for breakfast Received another Stadia controller because I’d purchased a game


Morning Philz run Afternoon See’s run Night time Tacky Christmas lights tour (which was a bust this year; two out of 11 were lit, some not even set up)


Love how festive this corner of the neighborhood is Found the owner of TikTok My kind of avenger calendar


Remembering the godmother to our children, my wife’s oldest friend, and my beta wife whom we lost last night She was the fiercest, most loyal friend anybody could ever have May you rest in peace and not be in pain…


Things I see from my chair include the Macy’s Thanksgiving day parade The cozy fire And pumpkin pie; happy Thanksgiving!


Finished “Where the Deer and the Antelope Play” Morning coffee in the new mug and journaling with the new pen Literally “that is snow from yesterday”


Migrating Canada geese Stuck behind these two packing each other for miles Tried the Butterbeer from Harry Potter world in NYC with dinner


Izzy is two years old! Rubi desperately wants you to throw the ball-ball Turkey vultures are waiting for roadkill


Train from Moynihan Hall in NYC To Union Station in DC Testing and loving my new fountain pen


Trip to Brooklyn for bookstores and Yoseka stationery 25th Anniversary dinner at Le Rivage Amazing performance of Hadestown


Last HOA annual meeting as a board member The daughter made a Hello Fresh meal Loving the camera on this Pixel 6