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The wife made the mother-in-law’s killer burritos for dinner Cherry Vanilla Olipop tastes like cough syrup RUB MAH BELLY!


I found Shel Silverstein’s inspiration The Chantilly Wegmans has the train running Peet’s pickup


Happy birthday to my amazing mum; glad you got to visit! Love the color of these potatoes! Another Havanese owner!


Spotted a fox in the creek out back Finally hit 100 degrees (plus nasty humidity) Happy dinner (vegetarian fatayer)


The mom didn’t realize the son wanted in on the picture too Grilled tri-tip, packet potatoes, and corn for dinner Brownie sundaes for dessert


I’m lucky to have a father who has taught me to be goofy, responsible, and how to be a good human And a stepfather who has taught me to work hard, keep learning, and treated me like a son my…


Date night last night with this gorgeous lady Went to DC for some bookstores And Old Town Alexandria for dinner


Measly amount of chips from Chipotle Received a Father’s Day card from a realtor I’ve never done business with Realized today my license expired in October during DMV shutdown; now they consider me unlicensed. Guess who will be spending all…