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I present to you the Ed & Sal slice (parmesan garlic fries, bacon, and a drizzle of sauce) Remember these?


Found this in our bag of spinach Tomorrow is Independent Bookstore Day and Duolingo is preparing me Picked up dinner from Raaga Tandoor


My grubhub driver sent this when he was on his way with lunch My favorite shoes; now I want them in green Afternoon walk was chilly and still a tad windy


The pollen game is strong right now The wife made zucchini boats (S.S. Squash) I made chocolate chip cookies


Lots of oak pollen out there folks Putting the top down And taking the girls to pick up dinner


Grilled dogs, tots, and ‘gus (not pictured) Love these little plants growing in our front yard Brought the girls with us when we ran errands