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My 2022 Jibun Techo planner came Hard to see, but the girls were doing some serious checking of P-mail this morning


The wife, puppies, and I walked to downtown Fairfax Spotted a rock cairn on the way Baking apples for dessert


Finished “Artificial Condition” (Murderbot #2) Took the wife’s car for servicing FCPD and FFX Fire honoring Marine Corps Staff Sgt. Darin Taylor Hoover on the way to being laid to rest at Arlington Natl Cemetery


Crappy morning turned into a nice afternoon Not Brood X, but we still have cicadas Best plate I’ve seen in a while


I’m not going to complain about that midterm score The wife made lentil loaf (and mashed potatoes and carrots) for dinner Izzy needs a bow to keep her hair out of her eyes now


The wife had a minor outpatient procedure this morning and I wasn’t allowed to go in with her; everything went smoothly and is fine Spammers are terrible; apparently I’ve ordered three $300 copies of the same software and should call…


Spent the day in a virtual security conference A conference is nothing without afternoon treats and coffee


Such a lonely bird sitting on the wire Two years after the HOA ripped out the bamboo behind our house and it’s still gross back there The daughter made Malai Kafka for dinner; and it was too delicious to get…


How did my German lesson know I was studying? Watched “Free Guy” with the wife and son Grilled kebobs for dinner


Farmer’s market this morning Date night in Occoquan this evening Paying respects at the Pentagon tonight


Is it hot in here, or is that just you? When the wife has a rough day, you buy cookie sandwiches; follow me for more lifehacks Beautiful evening out there


Stop looking at me like that when I have to go to work! What a terrible ad to try to get me to buy a new car The poor fountain is just gurgling


Beautiful morning for a walk through Occoquan Regional Park My face when… … my graduate class in Operating Systems uses a link to Wikipedia


Excellent day for cider tasting at Cobbler Mountain with the wife and daughter Picked up a run cake at a local bakery Surprised the gorgeous wife