2023 Project 52 – 25/52

The week started off with Juneteenth. The wife and I walked to the Freedom House; a museum in one of the most notorious slave traders in the domestic slave trade. It was a very well done museum, teaching the history while highlighting the activism and achievements of prominent African-Americans. A must-see if you’re in Old Town Alexandria.

The rest of the week was mostly rain. The work on our backyard came to a standstill and we went on very few walks. **sigh**

Friday was a doozy. Last Friday we had a new refrigerator and washer/dryer “laundry center” delivered. But they couldn’t bring the fridge in through the back because of the work back there. They tried to bring the laundry center in, but the plug blew and broke when they unplugged the old one. So I had to find an electrician before they attempted to re-deliver. So the clock started ticking on time without clean laundry on June 17. The electrician came during the week and had to upgrade the old aluminum wiring and add a neutral to the line. **sigh** Then the new laundry center came on Friday, they hooked it up and it worked! Oh wait … everything except the water to the washing machine. Our water lines are fine, there’s something wrong with the new system. So I threw a fit at Lowes today and a replacement will supposedly be delivered tomorrow. Fingers crossed.

Also, take a look at the last picture I added. This stupid software security class I’m currently taking just got worse. I got one of the questions wrong on a quiz because I spelled the word correctly. The professor was looking for the word “vulnerabillity”. Ugh.