Somebody needs to reboot the puppy Looks like a wasp nest was the latest victim of the storms The Lego was okay to buy if it was on the grocery list, right?


Are ear candles for putting in your ears or made from ear wax… or both? The wife made chicken adobo My phone had a brief hiccup and thought I was in the Kashgar Prefecture

COVID-19 diary – week 25

Writing down things I think about while trying to socially isolate during this freaking pandemic. So yeah, this pandemic is still happening. Still. I honestly don’t know if the mask thing is still a “debate” or not. I’ve severely limited my social media time and it’s been amaze-balls. I highly Read more…


Took a walk through Four Mile Run this morning Apple fritter from Good Co. Donuts The dog and I watched a Cicada Killer Wasp kill its victim


Sometimes I hate living where it gets so humid the condensation covers the window The stickers on the back of my new notebook This girl loves ball-ball to the end