This week really flew by. Busy work (again), busy school (again), and just a lot of little things happening around the home front too.

We had an all-hands meeting at work. One of the other managers and I hosted for the buildings in our area. So there was a good amount of prep needed there. I’ve never ordered $600 worth of pizza and stuff before! The meeting went well, and it was really good to finally meet some of the team in person that I’ve only been on calls or emails with for the past couple years. I really like the direction our group is going and am excited to be a part of the changes!

I spent a good portion of my Friday off working on a research paper for my Identity Management class. I’ve chosen a topic about using Blockchain for Identity Management. It’s interesting learning more about Blockchain. I’m only about 1/3 done with the paper, but still have a couple weeks to complete it.

This weekend the kids did a Thanksgiving prep meal. While they cooked, the wife and I decorated the house for Christmas. We rearranged several of the rooms over the past year, so we had to make some adjustments to where things went. My mum will be upset when she finds out the Leg Lamp she bought us (a Christmas Story replica) isn’t in the front window. We’re still trying to figure out where it will go, but our “White House ornament” tree is in the front window now. We watched “Planes, Trains, and Automobiles”, which is a Thanksgiving tradition. I did the Thanksgiving grocery shopping on Friday too, which was an adventure. The holidays are coming and you can tell. People are impatient, everybody is out shopping, and it’s just a zoo out there. As much as I don’t want to do a bunch of shopping on Amazon, the in-store experience isn’t helping that cause.

The wife and I did some planning for our trip to Europe next year. Plane tickets purchased, and about half the lodging and agenda is planned. Woohoo! Making it real. This is a combined 50th birthday present, anniversary present, and graduation gift for us … so excited!

A few random things from the week: We got a new water boiler because our electric kettle was end-of-life. My car hit 33333 miles. We watched “Mrs. Harris Goes To Paris”. We found two random splotches on our bedroom window; they look like berries were thrown at our window … but the windows are on the third floor behind a locked gate to the backyard. We had the winter checkup on our HVAC unit; passed with flying colors.