2023 Project 52 – 12/52

Week two in the new house.

The old house has been making progress. The basement is fixed, new drywall, paint, and carpet. Our handyman did a bunch of painting. Now we’re waiting for the flooring for the kitchen to arrive (hopefully in the next day or two) and get installed. Then we can clean and list the place!

School took a rough turn. The second session started so now I have two classes going at the same time. One of them is a compacted class and will be at an accelerated pace … so my weekends will be busy(er) for the next eight weeks.

Work hasn’t slowed. We’re hiring another person for the team which should lighten the load on the rest of us.

But, we’ve been taking advantage of living in Old Town. Lots of walking, love the history of the area, the architecture, and (of course) the dining.