This week’s lack of much to post about brought to you by: studying for two finals and finishing a research paper.

I did have a wonderful anniversary celebration with the wife this weekend though. We celebrated our 26 years of marriage by checking out Planet Word in DC, book shopping at Politics & Prose, and dinner at Trattoria Villagio in Clifton. An amazing day with my favorite person! If you’re in DC, I highly recommend Planet Word, it was so much fun and very informative.

The boss came to town this week too. I met him at our company’s HQ then drove to another of our facilities to meet a bunch of the folks there. Almost two years at this company and there are still people in the area I’ve only ever seen online.

The wife’s anniversary gift to me was the Inkvent calendar by Diamine Inks. I’m an amateur fountain pen nerd, and now I get a new little bottle of ink every day until Christmas. She knows me so well!

Also, I *highly* recommend watching “Christmas Carol Gone Wrong” for free on YouTube. It’s part of the Gone Wrong channel which spun off the “Play That Goes Wrong”. So much funny!