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Tee Jay


Finished “Essentialism” by Greg McKeown This “Priority 1 Day” package took three weeks to make it’s way from DC to Northern Virginia Potato pancakes by the wife


Foster’s Grille for lunch German Gourmet for stocking stuffers 2020 Tacky light tour completed!


The wife and daughter made baby Yoda cookies They also made some that look like our puppies! Over the last week we have lost all the colors except blue on our outside lights


Time for a fire? My company bought everybody a family holiday meal (from a local small business) since they’re unable to host a holiday party (we got half a chicken, baby back ribs, mac and cheese, cole slaw, and a…


Beautiful, and icy morning Decked out my Hobonichi, looking forward to using it in the new year Used our pasta dishes tonight, a gift from my aunt


Doing my best to avoid work Made coconut curry for dinner The wife had a marathon of Hart of Dixie yesterday because it leaves Netflix tomorrow; we watched the finale tonight