The wife, the daughter, and I saw “Six” at the National Theater this week. What a crazy fun show. Based on the lives and wives of Henry VIII, but in a super artistic and modern way. The music was great, the actors were great, and it was a fantastic night out.

The wife and I visited the Mansion on O and did the “secret doors” tour. It’s a mansion in DC made up of three or four townhouses. There are 100 rooms and 80 secret doors. You get to wander the mansion, look at the incredible collection of “stuff”, and hopefully find some hidden areas. We didn’t count how many we found, but it was actually a lot! A really fun experience that I highly recommend.

This weekend we grilled salmon, shrimp, and asparagus, baked “smashed” potatoes, and the wife made Paul Hollywood’s sticky toffee pudding for dessert. SO TASTY!

We binged the last few episodes of the latest season of Stranger Things this weekend. I quite liked this season (except for the ending, but I know they had to setup the next season). Loved all the 80’s movie and TV tropes sprinkled throughout the episodes too.

This post has been day 88 of #100DaysToO