A short week back at work was helpful; providing a soft landing after vacation. Next week will be my first full week in three weeks though … so wish me luck.

I stopped at World Market this week while waiting for our Noodles and Co. order to finish. I picked up several international drinks to try.

I finished reading the “HBR Guide to Being a Great Boss”. I have a real small team, but it never hurts to learn useful skills.

I came *this* close (holds finger and thumb really close together) to buying a new Kia Sportage Hybrid. Test drove it and enjoyed it, but I have no need to spend a bunch of money on a hybrid that only gets marginally better gas mileage than my three year old Mazda. Plus the current mark-ups at the dealership are ridiculous; $7000 at the dealer I went to. I’ll keep my eyes on some of the plug-in hybrids (PHEV) that are starting to appear, but I’m in no hurry. But man I’m proud of myself for being able to walk out of a car dealership saying “no”.

We did our best not to buy anything during Prime Days, but did take advantage of a pet cam deal. The PetCube Lite Bites lets us watch the dogs while away AND launch treats at them. Hee hee.

Went for a lovely walk with the wife through Four-Mile Run this morning. We picked up Philz coffee and bagels. It was a tad warm by the time we finished, but still wonderful to spend time outdoors with my favorite person.

This post has been day 84 of #100DaysToOffload

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  1. I subscribe to an HBR daily tip of the day email that I LOVE. Haven’t read any of their books tho. Might need to change that.

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