It was the wife’s last week of the school year. I usually help her pack her room and it’s a days long event. This year was the first in many years that she hasn’t had to pack up her whole classroom, either because she was changing schools, changing rooms, or they needed to do maintenance on the room. So she was able to get most of the work done before I got off work to come help. Amazing!

We watched the January 6th Hearings. No matter your beliefs on the matter, you should try to watch the hearings with a critical eye, as a regular, functioning human and make up your mind after watching the testimonies and evidence. I was blown away by the footage shared, the people sharing their stories, and the bipartisan nature of it. The seriousness of what happened is astounding. To think that I watched treason and sedition unfolding live on television a little over a year ago is mind boggling. In my mind, I can’t understand why anybody would support Trump after watching this.

This weekend we went to dinner with friends we hadn’t seen in ages and had a wonderful time. It was like no time had passed. Then the wife and I went to Politics and Prose in DC for their member’s sale (20% off everything). Then out to dinner and a movie. The son bought us tickets to go see “Everything, Everywhere, All At Once.” It was an awesome movie! Such good writing, acting, action, direction, story … just great. Loved it.

This post has been day 78 of #100DaysToOffload