Short week of work for me. I took Thursday and Friday off so the wife and I could take a quick overnight trip to NYC. The daughter bought tickets for “Into The Woods” but didn’t want to leave her brand new puppy overnight with me (*wink*). Plus she’d already seen the show a couple weeks ago with her friend. So the wife and I took the train up Thursday, stopped at a few of our favorite spots (Kinokuniya and Strand bookshops among them), had dinner at a nearby tavern, and saw the show. If you’ve never seen Into The Woods, then on Broadway by amazing actors is the only way to go. Then we had a nice relaxed Friday morning. We had breakfast in Bryant Park. Then went to see the “Treasures” exhibit at the Bryant Park branch of the New York Public Library before getting back on the train and we were home before dinner.

I started and finished “Building a Second Brain” by Tiago Forte on the train. It’s amazing what seven hours of mostly uninterrupted reading time will do.

Saturday we celebrated the wife’s plenty-ninth birthday by going to Burnside Farms to pick sunflowers. The weather was almost perfect … low humidity and not so hot we couldn’t survive. After flowers we went to downtown Warrenton for lunch before heading home to get ready for a fancy-schmancy dinner at the wife’s favorite restaurant, Bastille Brasserie in old town Alexandria. The son tried snails, duck, and lagavulin whisky. It was a really fun day of celebration.

Today I felt like crap. I think two days in New York with very warm weather and wearing my mask almost non-stop caught up with me. My sinuses are impacted and everything is draining into my throat. Lots of laying on the couch and pretending like I’m fine. But I am feeling better than I did earlier today. Hopefully tomorrow everything is cleared up.

This post has been day 92 of #100DaysToOffload