My Mostly Magnificent Miscellany 001

Inspired by Tim Ferris’ “5-Bullet Friday“, I decided to start sharing some of the random crap … er, content that has taken my attention. I’ll try to make this a regular feature because maybe you’ll find something interesting here too!

What I can’t stop listening to: Lizzo’s whole new album is great, but this damn song keeps running through my head. Bonus: Lizzo is on the latest episode of Hot Ones.

What I’m reading: I’m about halfway through The 99% Invisible City: A Field Guide to the Hidden World of Everyday Design which is a fascinating look into things around us that we mostly don’t pay attention to. I’ve been to San Francisco more times than I can count, but never noticed rings of bricks throughout the city noting where underground emergency cisterns are located in case there’s ever a major earthquake and the city’s watermains fail again. My only complaint is there aren’t actual photos to look at throughout the book. Fantastic illustrations, but sometimes you want to see the actual object(s).

Which video brought me down the rabbit hole: I discovered Jay Foreman’s YouTube channel a couple months ago. He has dozens of historical videos (mostly about England and London) that are interesting and also very funny. His dry, dead-pan delivery cracks me up.

Where I’ve been: I’ve been to 23 places on this list. Not bad!

What I found interesting: This post about what it takes to be “wealthy” in America. I guess I have some more work to do. However, that doesn’t mean I need to find a better job or ask for a raise (but yes please!). It means I need to find more passive streams of income. If you’re curious about this, I recommend reading “4-hour Workweek” by Tim Ferriss.

What made me cringe:

What made me laugh:

This post has been day 90 of #100DaysToOffload