Fun At Work #541

Approximately a month ago, a teammate and I updated a process to request account changes on various networks that we control/manage. We automated everything and are running it through our ticketing process so we can approve and audit the requests much easier. We each sent emails (me in Security, my teammate in IT) to our teams with a workflow diagram and an SOP. We sent the link to the new ticket request form. We told them that this is the process moving forward and to let people know.

Yesterday, somebody on my team mentioned that we need to come up with a new automated way of requesting and managing accounts. They said that their counterpart in IT wasn’t aware of a process, so they wanted to see what we could come up with.

I told them all about the process now in place and they were amazed. They were overjoyed because they’d be able to go back to the program and prove that they’ve got it all worked out. They then asked if I could provide any documentation for them. So I forwarded the email I had already sent them a month ago.

Let’s see if it registers that they ignored my first email…

This post has been day 81 of #100DaysToOffload