Zoom Zoom

I own a Mazda CX-5. I bought it new in 2019 and it’s been a great car so far. Gets me to-and-from work easily. Has lots of bells and whistles. Didn’t break the bank. Etc.

I still daydream of a fancier-schmancier car, of course. My wife has her “dream car” and some day I’ll have mine. But in the meantime, I found myself looking at “intermediate” cars. Another upgrade, something newer, maybe a hybrid, but definitely something with more power. In the end, I realized that I’m happy with my current car and don’t need to spend money … especially right now when cars are marked up.

Then, for some reason, I discovered a little switch I hadn’t messed with in my car in the three years I’ve owned it. It sits in plain view and baffles me why I hadn’t bothered to try it until recently.

Turns out I have more acceleration than I thought! Now I know why Mazda always used “zoom zoom” in their ads. Fuel consumption goes up (obviously), but I get more response, faster acceleration, and more power. Definitely no need for a new car now … until I can afford my BMW M series, that is.

This post has been day 89 of #100DaysToOffload