It’s Like They’re Not Even Trying

Our company sends out periodic email phishing attempts to train us on what to look for and to help keep us vigilant. We even have a little plugin in Outlook that we can “report phishing” and we get a little virtual pat on the back when we spot phishing attempts.

I work in computer security and try to give extra scrutiny to every email I read. Just because I’m savvy to these attempts doesn’t mean I don’t understand that anybody can be vulnerable. But I swear, if I find out anybody on my Security team has clicked the link in the email below … we’re going to have to have some remedial training. There are so many “tells” that this is a phishing attempt, it hurts my eyes to read it.

First rule of anti-phishing club is NEVER click a link in an email.

You thought I was going to say that the rule was not to talk about anti-phishing club, didn’t you? Well, we ALWAYS want to talk about anti-phishing. DON’T CLICK LINKS IN EMAILS!

This post has been day 87 of #100DaysToOffload


  1. Fun story. Once, the IT guy forwarded an email that he wanted us to click on but hardly anyone did because it looked weird. The formatting was just strange, like a cut/paste job that didn’t look quite right. In our weekly meeting he complained that he had to report a low completion rate. Oops. We didn’t have to go through more training but he did make us promise to call him if we had questions.

  2. The Secret Doors tour is definitely something we want to see IF we can ever get back to VA again. How do you make the baked, smashed potatoes—bake and smash—there’s got to be at least one additional step? And Love Nicole’s hair!

    • We’ll def take you on the tour!

      The potatoes are boiled until soft, then smashed, then baked until crispy. I’ll send you the recipe!

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