Cranky Teejay

I’m in a cranky mood today. I do my best not to pass that along to folks I interact with, but I apologize in advance if I fail.

I’ve been ruminating about various things and for some reason all the negative things have bubbled to the top today.

Angry at my HOA. They’re not helping at all with the car disaster because “act of God.” Even though they marked that tree for removal and approved the spending back in December. Well, we assume the tree that dropped a branch because it was literally right in front of my car on common ground. Strangely enough, it was removed the very next week after crushing my car in March (three months after being identified). Anyway, I’m out $500 deposit plus about $700 for two months of paying the lease without being able to use the car plus $150 rental (that I went over $600 rental money from insurance which only lasted two weeks). So over $1300 this “act of God” has cost me (and not the responsibility in any way whatsoever of the community). Angering.

Frustrated with one of my folks at work this week. They blamed me for some extra work and felt like they were constantly having to “clean up” after me because of it; when in reality the whole team has been trying to put out fires from the last five (ten, fifteen) years of neglect. I’ve only been there a year and had WAY too much on my plate. So the reasonable thing to do was shift some of that work to their plate because they were underworked compared to the rest of the team. So they sent a “nastygram” email to my boss and me. We had a meeting to clear it up, but I guarantee it went in one ear and out the other of this person. Frustrating.

Annoyed that Conservatives are trying to push their minority agenda. It’s not even *most* conservatives. It’s a religious, far-right minority speaking for “everybody” and it angers me. I know we all have our rights to free speech; but the vitriol, hatred, and twisted thinking that comes from that group is frustrating. Even more so when they do whatever they can to ensure their way of life is the only way of life. I don’t feel that’s what our country should be about … suppressing things we don’t like; even though I know our history is exactly that. Annoying.

Oh, and don’t get me started on my current graduate course (that’s thankfully almost over). I have a whole “serious-bullshit.docx” where I’ve been keeping notes about all the ridiculousness of this course. Rage.

So yeah, I apologize in advance if I snap at you, gripe about things, or whatever. Maybe I’ll just work with my door closed today.

This post has been day 69 of #100DaysToOffload