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Tee Jay


Fourth bookshelf; only read five of these Comfortable cat Making vegetarian french onion casserole


Politics and Prose had a sale Picked up dessert at Un Je Ne Sais Quoi Be careful if you test drive a BMW, you might end up buying it


My second bookshelf; I’ve read nine of these so far I made fried potato tacos and Mexican street corn


Flowers are blooming My new mug I’ll share my bookshelves over the next few days just for fun: first bookshelf


Rewatching old seasons of RuPaul Brown sauce is quite tasty on “fish” She’s super playful tonight


Celebrating the daughter’s birthday Ordered takeout from Villa Bella (this chicken special was incredible) Her custom macarons from Chelen Confections turned out amazing


Day trip to Annapolis to celebrate the daughter’s birthday (tomorrow) Everything here is historic Waiting for the girls to finish looking at antiques