On Memorial Day we visited the DC Mormon Temple (which is actually in Maryland) for their open house. They recently did renovations and before they reconsecrate the temple they open it to visitors. Very interesting.

A lot of animal related incidents happened this week. First we had some afternoon thunderstorms, which always throws Izzy into hysterics. Then we had a bat fly into our portable air conditioner at about 0200 in the morning and it got stuck in the vent tube. Then I had a falcon (or hawk) fly within feet of my head while I was walking the dogs. Then my daughter shared a hilarious photo of the mother of her (hopefully) soon-to-be-born pug puppy.

I finished “Roger Up” by Brent Magnussen this week.

We celebrated National Donut Day with donuts from one of our favorite spots, Good Company Donuts in Arlington.

Finally, we walked over to George Mason University to watch one of my wife’s former students perform in “Into The Woods Jr.” with the Acting For Young People (AFYP) group. Our son performed in a few shows when he was younger and the program has really grown! Such a great opportunity for children to perform.

This post has been day 76 of #100DaysToOffload