Calm Your Cats, Lady

I’m reminded almost daily how bad social media can be. Most notably with neighborhood groups filled with a mish-mash of random levels of idiot.

You know you don’t HAVE to respond to every post you see, right? You don’t even have to have an opinion on everything. Shocking, I know.

There was a post in our local neighborhood group from a cranky lady griping about a cat that’s been coming to her house the past couple days and eating the food she leaves out for the other animals. Another neighbor commented that the cat’s owner was out of town on vacation and the cat escaped when the cat-sitter came to visit. Seems reasonable enough, right?

Well, the comments on the whole thread have devolved into people bitching about how people need to tag their cats. Or, people need compassion and should help the cats. Or, people shouldn’t leave out food for animals. Blah blah blah. Nobody is happy about anything on this thread.

But on the original comment about how the cat has run away, somebody commented that they hope somebody helps find the cat. Then somebody else replied that “some of those people have life threatening allergic reaction to cats.” Um … so? I think people with cat allergies are smart enough not to go looking for a cat that’s missing. Aren’t they?

WHY did this person feel the need to comment? Was it adding something to the conversation? So I replied …

This post has been day 85 of #100DaysToOffload


  1. Your response gave me my first out-loud laugh of the day. Did the person respond to your comment?

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