A mostly uneventful week of adjusting to a normalish schedule again. After a curve, I ended up with a B in my Algorithms class. Huzzah!

We went to Cobbler Mountain Ciders this weekend. It was hot, but still fun to hang with the fam and dogs, snack on the goodies we brought, and have a flight of ciders.

I shaved off the beard to prepare for the summer heat. It’s the first time in my life I’d ever grown one. I didn’t hate it, and might grow it back this fall/winter. But for now, too hot … especially when wearing a mask.

I finished “All About Me” by Mel Brooks. I listened to the audiobook though because it was narrated by him. Such a great way to hear his stories of childhood, the army, Ann Bancroft, and his life in show business. I highly recommend it if you like Mel Brooks at all.

This post has been day 74 of #100DaysToOffload


  1. We listen to audio books frequently. You should do it more often. Congratulations on the B AND for finishing the class. Assuming the next class (4 or 5–I’ve already lost track) starts today. Hope the rest of them (including this one) are ones you enjoy.

    • I do sometimes on my commute, but that’s the only time I can listen and concentrate. And it’s only about a 20-25 min drive so it takes a while to get through a full book. No classes until fall now! Summer break (and work)!

    • Thanks, so do we! Fits everybody, dog resistant fabric, and very comfy. It’s from Joybird.

  2. Agree with Kathy about the couch. So happy (but surprised) to hear you get a break.will your next class be #5?

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