Quite the week. Work and home were fine, but the supreme court ruling on Roe vs Wade (which we knew was coming) finally dropped. I’m disheartened at some of the politically-motivated rulings, but not surprised. Politics has turned into a black or white issue without compromise; you’re either on our team or you’re the enemy. Sad.

Speaking of civil liberties, I had Monday off to observe Juneteenth. I’m embarrassed to say I was never taught about Juneteenth while growing up; but glad I’ve learned the significance and that our country is honoring this important day.

I spent the day going for a bike ride with the wife. Then the wife, kids, and I played the games I’d gotten for Father’s Day. We played Zombie Kittens (an Exploding Kittens variant) and Carcassonne. Fun times!

The wife is off for the summer and came out to meet me for lunch at work. We went to one of our favorite little Mexican food places, then tried a nearby coffee shop we’d never tried. It was great! We tried a butterscotch latte and an iced mocha … both delicious.

This post has been day 80 of #100DaysToOffload