Short week of work because I took time off for Thanksgiving. We all drove down to North Carolina to visit my dad, aunts, and uncles. It was a reeeeal long drive on Wednesday, but worth it to see everybody on Thanksgiving. The restaurant/community center in my aunt’s community had a huge buffet spread. There was something for everybody and it was very tasty! We stopped in the cute little town of Staunton VA on our way back so we could stretch legs, get coffee, and see a new bookstore.

Besides the holiday, it was also our little Izzy’s third birthday this week. We sang a little song and the pups all shared a birthday cookie. And, the wife and I celebrated our 26th anniversary. We didn’t really do anything because we’re celebrating next weekend. But damn, I love that woman!

Other random stuff this week: the wife finished her The Office Lego, we watched the Thanksgiving Day parade, Spirited, and Love Actually. I also worked more on my research paper; finals and the paper due this coming week!