Lots of focus on work and school this week, so I mostly just unplugged in the evenings. The wife and I have been getting up early to do longer walks with the dogs, so I’ve been physically tired as well.

We had the finishing touches on our gas logs completed this week. The installer came out with the missing pieces and then the county inspector came and gave his blessing. We’ll have easy-on / easy-off fireplace in the library this winter!

Another bonus of the weirdly warm weather is that the bats are still out eating bugs. I saw a little one flying around our cul-de-sac this week.

Lots of food related photos this week. I made birria quesadillas. The daughter made mock La Madeleine tomato basil soup and apple butter pie. And the wife and I went to the Pasty Shop in Vienna for chicken cordon bleu pasties. I’ll spare you the four different coffee shop photos, but did include one from Caffe Amouri in Vienna.

The wife and I went for a walk on the W&OD trail this weekend. The weather is finally turning chilly, but the sunshine kept it nice. I also finished the Lego I started last weekend while the wife finished the bookshelf insert I got her for her birthday. Her insert looks cool, but was kind of pain to build. (Thanks to the wife for sharing her photo)

With Google Stadia shutting down, they promised to refund all the purchases (not subscriptions) on the platform. I started seeing all the refunds show up. Nice to have that chunk of change back. Essentially, I got to enjoy the games AND didn’t have to pay for them! The only downside is that (for most of them) I have to start all over on whatever platform I re-purchase the games on. C’est la vie!

Edit: adding photos of my dad and grandfather and a HUGE thank you to all the Veterans for their service. The 11th was Veterans day.

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  1. Loved all the photos. Your Lego pics reminded me of a time when the son and I sat on the floor in the den and we played Legos for maybe 30 minutes. He built something (unfortunately I can’t remember what he built), but I couldn’t figure out how to build anything.

    Was your birria recipe the one the wife made for me years ago? I still have it if you need a copy.

    Love you all very much (how’s school and when do you start the next class(es)?

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