Project 365

In case you’re new around here, I do this little thing called a “Project 365“. You can find all my photos from this year (2019) on with the #project365 tag.

Note: I recently moved to using for blogging because it’s such a simple interface and uses Markdown. I’ll likely keep it … but we’ll see.

Every year I have friends ask if I’m still going to do one next year. Turns out 2019 was the fourth year I’ve done a Project 365. Daaaang. So at this point, it’s such a habit for me, I’m not sure I can stop. So, I thought I’d share my past projects and my “process” in case anybody else wants to join me. (more…)


Back in 2015 I tried a “Project 365” in which I would post a picture each day. I didn’t really have a theme, per se. Some days I posted something I’d done that day, other days it was completely random. My goal was just to post a picture every day Read more…