Project 365 (2018 edition)

Way back in 2015 I did a “Project 365“, in which you take a picture every single day for a year. It was the first time I’d completed a challenge like that and it’s still fun to look back at all the pictures of that year.

Then, in October 2016 (on my birthday), I decided to up the ante a bit; I decided to take four pictures every day of my 44th year. I called it #4in44. It was challenging and some of the pictures were crap and/or clearly taken because I had nothing else going on that day. But, it is even MORE fun to look back at that year and be reminded of the things I did.

That ended in October 2017 and I decided not to continue. Maybe I just needed a break. Today, I was looking back through those pictures, mostly to reflect on 2017; but I was struck by how useful and productive a project like that can be. So, I’ve decided to do something similar again for 2018.

I like the idea of a picture a day, but sometimes one picture isn’t enough. Four was a stretch sometimes, but worked nicely for the alliteration of #4in44. There’s not a whole lot of alliteration in 2018 (and I’m not doing eight or 18 pictures daily), so I looked to a different inspiration. I chose “three words” this year to help guide me rather than fail at resolutions. So I’m going to attempt to take three pictures daily in 2018.

I obviously know I can do it based on past performance … but every challenge is different, and I already have a lot of personal changes I’ve been making and going through. So, this should be an interesting year either way.

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Featured photo by Nik MacMillan on Unsplash