2023 Project 52 – 7/52

Ugh, this week. It started off busy and just ramped up from there. Things are progressing at the new house just fine now. The packing is progressing too; I found an old visa from my trip to the USSR in High School! But then, our dishwasher at our current house decided to break and flood the kitchen and library/basement below. We lucked out in that we caught it fairly early. We shut off the water, cleaned it all up, and the moisture abatement company came out the next day. We’ve been living with the hum of fans and dehumidifiers for the past four days. Hopefully we have some relief tomorrow when both the plumber and moisture abatement folks come.

The wife and I had our Valentine’s dinner planned already, so we decided to take a break from the house! We went to our favorite French restaurant in Old Town and had an amazing three course Prix Fixe.