2023 Project 52 – 8/52

Update on the dishwasher leak! Apparently the fans and dehumidifiers weren’t drying up the kitchen. The contractors took a closer look and realized the tiles were laid over linoleum, so they were going to have to rip up the tile. So they did. Five hours of drilling and hammering and banging. Jinkies. Now half our kitchen floor is gone but the floors are finally dry. Now we wait for the repair crew to finish their estimate, the insurance company to say they won’t pay that, and the fight to get this completed so we can list the damn house for sale.

The hits keep on playing too; somebody stole our credit card information and tried charging a few things. The credit company was on top of it and got us new cards the next day. They also left the card open with some money still on it to try to catch the thieves … I hope they do.

But on the bright side, we had a Cooper’s Hawk sitting on our fence. And my mom and stepdad got into town this weekend! I haven’t seen them in a couple years. We walked around Old Town so they could see where the new house is.