2023 Project 52 – 16/52

Starting to really learn our little city now. The wife and I will randomly quiz each other on which streets are where. I wonder if I’ll every truly remember which street certain landmarks are on though … probably, but we’ll see.

The wife finished putting all her books away in the library (pics below are hers). Next up is getting my office in order.

I studied for a midterm for my Network and Systems Security class. I’m fairly certain I didn’t do well. The course is a bit misleading because three of the past four weeks have been dedicated to learning EVERYTHING there is to know about the various hashing functions, encryption methods, and cryptography in general. Down to the maths involved, like modulus mathematics and logarithms and such. It’s been a loooong time since I’ve been in a math-heavy class. I used to do quite well in math, but that was an in-person course. Much more difficult learning it on my own with just some powerpoint slides and a book to read. **sigh**

Because exhaustion, we ordered out a few times this week. We tried an Italian restaurant we hadn’t been to before. Quite tasty. We ordered Japanese from a place we’d visited a long time ago. Not bad. And we had handheld burritos from District Taco. A new favorite.

The George Washington Parkway Classic 10 miler was this morning and ends in a park nearby. We walked down to check it out and found a little coffeeshop to try!

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