2023 Project 52 – 27/52

Tuesday was Independence Day here in the US, celebrating the 247th anniversary of our country. We walked to Bob & Edith’s Diner for breakfast, then went to the nursery to pick out plants for the backyard. That’s right, the yard is finally finished! It took almost four weeks, but it looks great; well, you can judge for yourself in the photos. We watched the DC fireworks on PBS that night and tried to keep our dogs from losing their minds with the people nearby setting off fireworks.

The rest of the week was dedicated to work and school work. It was my last week of actual school work for this class, so I spent a bit of time making sure I’d completed everything. The final is next week and then I’m DONE with this stupid class.

The wife got up early with me one day for a “sunrise” walk; the sun had been up for a little while, but not too long. The city is really something special in the morning before most people have woken up.

July 8th is Alexandria’s birthday. So we walked down to the local park to watch the fireworks as they celebrated the 274th birthday of the city. Wonderful being able to walk a few blocks to watch the show, then just walk back home and avoid the crowds afterwards. We left the dogs at home and the fireworks were far enough away that they didn’t even notice.

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