2023 Project 52 – 29/52

Catching up on the last couple weeks. The wife and I went on vacation to California and Oregon to visit family and old, familiar places.

We landed in LA and spent a few days there visiting the dad and his girlfriend in Huntington Beach. We visited Laguna Beach, took a duffy boat around Newport Bay, and had a wonderful visit!

Then visited the brother-in-law and his family in Hermosa Beach. There was a beach volleyball tournament that the sister-in-law was coaching some girls at, so we took the nieces and nephew on a bike ride along the Strand (between Hermosa Beach and Redondo Beach). We all visited Downtown Disney that night to do some shopping and had some delicious Mexican Food!

Then we had lunch with the cousins, aunt, and uncle in Agoura Hills on our way to San Luis Obispo and Cambria to spend the night. We visited a few places from when I was little and when the kids were little.

And that was the end of the first week of vacation!