2023 Project 52 – 22/52

Short week of work because Monday was Memorial Day and Friday was a day off for me.

We had a relaxing Memorial Day spent going for a nice walk through town and I played Xbox. We saw a regiment of Revolutionary Soldier re-enactors honoring the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier of the Revolutionary War at the Old Presbyterian Meeting House.

I spent Friday (all day) doing homework and still didn’t finish. This summer class is a beast. We also got our replacement couch delivered. The couch from our old house was an “L” shaped couch that didn’t fit in the new place. So we’d been using the two long ends of the couch and had the corner piece stored away in the attic. We were able to sell that one and buy the same style and fabric but in a version that fits the new space (thank you Joybird furniture). The couch came just in time for us to watch the Ted Lasso finale. Then we walked to Jeni’s Ice Cream for dessert.

Saturday was a busy, but fun, day. We took a long walk along the river with the dogs and picked up coffee and breakfast. Then we met the daughter at the farmer’s market at City Hall. Then we went to the arts & crafts festival down at the waterfront. The wife and I went to a recital for one of her students then went to Union House Public House for dinner.

Sunday was grocery shopping in the morning. Then we took the new bikes out for a ride down the Mt. Vernon trail. Then we had a couple hours of free time before I grilled some burgers, corn, and tater tots! We spent a good portion of the afternoon chatting/texting about “the boom” (which we heard while walking back to the house in the afternoon).