2023 Project 52 – 33/52

We started the week with our contractor having to rip out our shower in the bathroom we just had re-done. We had hoped to save a few bucks and keep the existing shower insert, but he found some water issues when doing the rest of the work. So he spent the week putting in a new shower. We didn’t save the money, but it looks great!

Also at the beginning of the week we were hit with a tornado warning, thunderstorm warning, and flash flood warning. Turns out I parked in front of the storm drains and my car got a little flooded. Fortunately it wasn’t too bad, only about an inch of water on the passenger side (because of the curvature of the road). I cleaned it all out but had no sound coming from my speakers. I took it to the shop to look for any other damage and they couldn’t find anything. So now I need to have the sound system looked at and repaired.

Our contractor also shared the good news that our dryer vent fixes we wanted to make would be quite pricey. We have a cheap-o dryer vent that goes from the second floor laundry closet through the house to the attic and dumps everything in there. We want to replace the vent and vent it out through the wall or the roof. The walls of this house are a special firebox and apparently shouldn’t be compromised. And replacing all the vent tubing and adding a vent through the roof will cost too much. So our answer will be to buy a ventless dryer and sell the one we just bought two months ago. **sigh**

Other than that, it was a decent week. The daughter came over for wine and cheese night this weekend. The wife and I went to a Mexican food place for restaurant week. Here’s to hoping next week is less stressful!