2023 Project 52 – 18/52

We packed a LOT into this week.

We closed on the old house, so we’re back to just one mortgage now. With help from my parents, we were able to purchase the new house first and then sell the old one. Then we paid them back when the old one sold. It was tough dropping off the keys the day before closing, knowing that would be the last time in that house. Being an Air Force brat, I lived a lot of places growing up and got used to moving every two or three years. We lived in that house for over 20 years. Our children grew up in that house. Lots of great memories, and thankfully we still have them even if we don’t have the house!

We celebrated closing with dinner at Mia’s Italian Kitchen on King Street. Great food. Great Service. Super busy on the weekends, but just regular busy during the week. I’d go back in a heartbeat. And the apple ricotta donuts were DELICIOUS! Like, new favorite dessert delicious.

We had a lot of stuff come this week too. Things we’d been wanting for the new house all seemed to come this week. A new chair for the living room. Some storage cubbies for the office. And a thinner coffee maker for the coffee bar.

I also finished the spring semester this weekend. Woohoo! I had two projects and two finals to complete. I used my Friday off to finish most of it and then took the last final this weekend. Done for two weeks until the one summer course starts.

The wife and I had a date night on Saturday. We tried Ada’s on the River. It was fine. My burger and fries were good, the wife’s salmon was just okay. The views were nice though. After dinner we walked for a bit and ran into a friend and old neighbor. Then we saw Mary Stuart at the Little Theater of Alexandria. Just a wonderful evening with my favorite person.

And also, thanks to the wife for a few of the photos below. I had other things on my mind this week and missed several good ones. She was on it though, as usual!