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Seriously the best thing on the internet right now is SGN Trader Joe’s tissues got jokes I wish you could watch this puppy play with this ball; totes adorbs


Happy Mother’s Day to my amazing mother and my wonderful wife! Grilled fajitas and street corn I’m getting the hang of pulling shots


Gorgeous sky even if it was frigid Vegan ribs, homemade potato salad, and BBQ beans for dinner First latte from the new machine was pretty good!


Daisy is getting cleaned by Izzy and Rubi My water bottle is ready to go My amazing wife bought me an early Father’s Day gift for Mother’s Day… she wins


Max is my spirit animal right now, channeling my mood and energy Had a new ceiling fan installed New reusable Chemex filter fail (grounds spilled over)


Needed a Philz coffee this morning Things I see from my standing desk Cinco de Mayo Italian food because EVERY Mexican food place was busy or website down (even Chipotle)


New pen day! Pilot Prera with Medium nib Getting into My Time At Portia Oops, happy May the 4th be with you


Finished … book fifteen Discovered … the joy of cast iron skillet cooking Enjoyed … a clear, sunny afternoon


Blue Angels and Thunderbirds flyover (pic from a friend, we only heard them in our neighborhood) The puppy enjoyed riding in the backpack on our walk Watched “Money Pit” during dinner


I’m really tied of rain The wife got a magnetic poetry kit with expletives Char Beyond burgers from Foster’s Grille


Tired of the rain, but it sure makes everything pretty Who designed these stupid things Mmm mezzo mix


Hey puppy, you’re not making my workout any easier Authorization workshop Trying Pho Banh Mi for the first time


Finished Went to the kitchen to get a healthy snack and accidentally made cookies The wife bought me a surprise; she’s amazing


Walk with the family and dogs through Four Mile Run The amount of oak pollen pulled off the dogs Grilled tofu steaks, packet potatoes, and asparagus for dinner


The puppy didn’t want her food, she wanted the special food her sister had Meanwhile, her sister is barking at her reflection Delivery came!


Closeup of the new shimmer ink Sometimes you need to order a bento box from Waraku Picked up donuts from Good Co. Donuts after doing the grocery shopping


Did a live “Peloton at home” ride Sometimes you just need a shake delivered My new pen and ink came


Neighborhood pool is gearing up Ratcheting up the cuteness Daughter made vegan chicken sandwiches


Our handmade masks came from my friend! The cardinals have found the new bird feeder location My coworker is napping on the job


Made waffles for brunch in Oma’s waffle iron Grilled Beyond burgers, Mexican street corn, and tater tots for dinner Ghirardelli brownies with vanilla frosting (with Lavazza coffee) for dessert