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House fire in the neighborhood this weekend; fortunately nobody was hurt Wondering if this is a failed Sodastream flavor New coffee beans arrived


Gloomy start to a Monday The daughter made lemon blossoms You can almost see an eye bulb in this furry little girl


Easter delivery from a neighbor Easter delivery from the bunny Easter Zoom with the whole family!


I setup the new bird feeder in the front yard; a squirrel is already looking Um, girls… The sunlight just made me realize how dirty my coffeemaker is


Finished an advanced copy of “The Mental Toughness Handbook” Stopped at Philz before tackling the grocery shopping Ain’t no party like a quarantine party


Took the day off and watched TV, Played video games, And then walked her because she demanded my attention


Beautiful afternoon for a walk Found an old Fire tablet to setup as an Alexa device The wife made vegan Eggs Benedict for dinner


Trying to follow these directions for a no sew face mask Full moon Daughter made pumpkin pancakes for dinner


She likes to climb in the toy bin to find just the right toy You guys, Phil Rosenthal liked my tweet! Grilled fajitas and Mexican street corn on the way


Finished book 12 The wife treated me to French toast I think I have a baby Sarlacc in my back yard


Oh no, don’t let her kiss me! Tried Zaytoon Pizzeria The line for Trader Joe’s at 0830 (you can see the store way in the back)


Made Alton Brown’s pantry raid crackers The new pen pouch closed The new pen pouch opened


Blue screen of death on the work computer (everything fine after a reboot) Finally had time to start my own character in Animal Crossing (too bad they patched the bells glitch) The daughter made apple pie tarts for dessert (they…