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Ordered three “dark gray” t-shirts online (only option available); received one “burnt charcoal”, one “cracked pepper”, and one “dark gray” National Handwriting Day Tonight’s vinyl


Sometimes you just want a ride through the French countryside Clothing delivery Sporting my favorite cap I bought in London


TFW somebody is taking your toy TFW you don’t want the ball Teriyaki lentil sliders (and Mezzo Mix)


Date day in DC with the wife. Visited (among others): Politics and Prose Cherry Blossom Creative Wytown Cafe


Received the coolest gift from my aunt and uncle: a tea towel with my Oma’s chocolate cake recipe on it (which is her mother’s recipe) Can you tell which shoe cubbies belong to the kids? Finished


Does anybody else call the “butt” end of the banana a “bananus”? What you can’t see is how windy it is Made vegan spicy sausages for dinner


Finished I don’t think she likes the new raincoat Vegetarian green enchiladas for dinner


Before (literally couldn’t add anything more) After (two bags and over 50 spare hangars) Corner piece FTW!