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The wife made a cake Philz is having a test run for a new to go system; we had to try it This dog sits weird


My home office The kids are monopolizing the Animal Crossing game New Sodastream flavors came


The community Little Free Library is closed Walked the pups Leftover Raaga Tandoor for lunch


Puppies got a bath Yard got new mulch (spot the pug?) Watching “She Loves Me” on Broadway HD


The birds chirping reminded me it’s officially spring Had boba tea delivered The dogs sure are happy everybody is home… constantly… all of us


Watched a webinar with two of my favorite productivity folks Uh oh, empty… At least there’s a fresh batch of brownies


Supporting a local Mexican food restaurant Nobody can pinch me HOA meeting moved to a teleconference


Guess who’s one! Exploding kitten on my desk Guess who has to work while everybody else doesn’t


Finished “The Left Hand of Darkness” Watching Frozen 2 during dinner One can in the Irish bread, one can in the Irish stew


Found a wine made in Wiesbaden I swear I’m not stockpiling Supporting the local Chinese restaurant


With all the hand washing going on, I should buy stock in Neutrogena Doing the grocery planning and I’m scared of what the stores are going to look like Puppies being trained


The Subaru had a passenger side airbag recall Dr. Pepper and Cream Soda is yum The daughter made vegan Tikka Masala from scratch and it was amazing


This is like the 3rd bloom from this thing! I feel like I shouldn’t have to count calories for the Oreo that was built wrong. How on Earth am I supposed to get anything done with a puppy sleeping in…


Thanks for the reminder, sticker Shumai lunch with the wife Participating in National Day of Unplugging, see you tomorrow!


Max likes to bird watch My score arrived With everybody out I watched the fascinating documentary “Dealt” about Richard Turner; a card magician who happens to be blind


The puppy has learned how to jump up on the couch; nobody is safe The son made a nice spread for breakfast I made vegan Bolognese, garlic toast, and salad for dinner


Dish towel wisdom Books I own which I’ve read (on the floor) Books I own which I haven’t read (in the bookcase)