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My 2019 in Books

I made a commitment a couple years ago to read more. I did this for a few reasons. First, I had a lot of books I’d been wanting to read. Two, I spent (spend) way too much time online. Three, I had purchased a used Kindle Paperwhite a couple months prior and wanted to actually use it!

I committed to 15 books in 2018 and again in 2019 just to keep myself reading without the pressure of completing a challenge. I ended up reading 41 books in 2019! To be fair, some of them were pretty short books (quick productivity reads, mostly on the Kindle). Still, I was floored and proud of my progress. Plus, I got to read some really good books.


20 Things To Start Doing

I can’t remember where I originally saw this graphic, but had it saved in my images folder. If you know, please let me know so I can credit the original! Such a great list though …  

Project Happiness

I’ve been struggling lately. Not struggling to be happy, I’m a pretty happy person … goddammit! No, I’m struggling to see the positive in things. Social Media and the fake news is really hitting me hard. I’m aware that the constant deluge of negativity is bad … but I also know Read more…

My Three Words for 2018

Like many people, I never fully subscribed to New Year’s resolutions and only halfheartedly created them. Since I never really took them seriously, I pretty much doomed them to failure. Rather than continue something that didn’t work, I just stopped the practice altogether. Recently I read about the concept of Read more…