I’m really enjoying the Fall colors this week. Fall is my favorite time of year and October is my favorite month. The wife, the son, and I picked up some Philz coffee and went for a walk through Four Mile Run in Arlington. Such a fun time and beautiful to boot!

We also went on a walk through the neighborhood to look at Halloween decorations. Some very impressive homes! I love that some houses are going all out.

The dogs got a haircut (finally) at a new groomer. We like the place, but will probably try a different groomer next time. We found the name of a person there that specializes in smaller dogs that we’ll try next time.

The house got a new roof. We had about a year left on the old shingles. Not something I wanted to spend thousands of dollars on, but thankful to be able to do it!

We went to the last “Rock The Block” of the year in downtown Fairfax. One of the wife’s students and the student’s dad sang a couple songs as the opening act. I also got some poutine at a food truck. Very fun evening!

I finished reading “Lost Horizon” by James Hilton; the classic tale of Shangri-La. It was a pretty fun read. Clearly an older writing style, but an interesting story and a lot of themes that still hold true today.


  1. So many fun things to do. Do you have Day of the Dead parades? That might just be a Southwest thing. It’s very cool when people get their faces painted like skeletons and wear pictures of family members who have died. Often, the pictures are highlighted by flashing lights.

    • No Day of the Dead parades in this area. I also love the luminarias in your area. 🙁

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