Project Happiness

I’ve been struggling lately.

Not struggling to be happy, I’m a pretty happy person … goddammit! No, I’m struggling to see the positive in things. Social Media and the fake news is really hitting me hard. I’m aware that the constant deluge of negativity is bad … but I also know a good human should be informed about the world around them. I guess what I’m really struggling with is finding that balance.

Unfortunately, rather than actually work on finding that balance, I’ve been avoiding it. I’ve been avoiding news, Facebook, and all sorts of stuff … relying on video games, family, and other projects I’m actually interested in to keep me sane. While there’s some benefit to that, I need to work to find that balance so I can be a well informed, good human.

So, I decided that I want to study “happiness” more. Late last year I read The Little Book of Hygge: Danish Secrets to Happy Living. I really loved the ideas presented there and the idea that happiness was so central to the Danish way of life. I was so inspired actually, that I made hygge one of my “three words for 2018.

I’ve decided to balance the inundation of negative inflow with a gush of happiness outflow. I’m going to read, research, and report on happiness around the world. I want to educate myself, and maybe you, on how other cultures view happiness, live happiness, spread happiness, etc.

Hopefully I’ll not only spread the happy, but absorb some of the happy along the way! Plus, this fits right in with one of my three theme words for the year. So there. 😛