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Doing a deep review of the todo list Remember when games came on a bunch of discs? This sad, balding tree


Interesting to see where the sun doesn’t shine enough to melt the snow A little affirmation in German for you


Another quick snowstorm today Then it melted off quickly Dropped off the wife and son at the airport


My new silicone mask with N95 filters makes me look like Bane Caffe Amouri has great precautions setup Pug with a chicken leg


Finished “No one is too small to make a difference” Princess on her blanket throne Spotted in an empty office


I “accidentally” picked up a mini ultimate chocolate cake at Wegmans today My skin is extra dry today Bernie made an appearance at the company all-hands meeting


Finished “You’ll Never Believe What Happened to Lacey”; so good Lots of monitors Afternoon walk around the building


Icy, slushy morning Had time for a Philz run She looks excited, but actually hates the car; she pants and shivers


I made corncakes for breakfast Wife made pot roast for dinner Hawk looking for food out back


Starting back at work in an office next week, so we made one last Friday donut run (for a while) New masks with filters for the office Learning the important German phrases


The wife needed a new headset for remote teaching I made “taco bell” chili cheese burritos for dinner The son’s final Christmas present finally came